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  • 3 Customized Training Sessions with Eric Moss ($90 Value)
  • Assessment and Customized Programming Session ($80 Value)
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  • Nutritional Guidance

The Eric Moss Fitness Custom Kickstart Program
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Copies of my book “The Performing Strongman’s Experience” are given complimentary to members.

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Simply text your name and your goal to 973 476 5328 so that we can get you started.

Note: Everyone is welcome for the free trial, however not everyone is invited to continue beyond that. I reserve the right to deny training to anyone for whatever reason but the only way to find out if you are what we are looking for is to try it out.

If you prefer to call that’s cool to, don’t hesitate to call me on my cell at 973 476 5328. But please act on this quickly if you’re interested. All the available spots will fill up fast!
These are just a small handful of my many Success Stories.